Welcome to NetCom website

The NetCom group is a multidisciplinary research group doing basic and applied research on digital communications and networking.

The group currently addresses link layer protocols, services and security and data collection and traffic analysis. This multidisciplinary environment allows us addressing cross-layer and advanced architectural research issues. We are committed to theoretical as well as practical research and hence we embrace collaboration with industry.

Our research aims is to contribute in making broadband a universal service and to increase the use of information services in the society reducing the digital divide. This translates to targeting very low cost network technology for broadband deployments and technologies very simple to manage, and use.

The networking research is currently focusing on broadband access technologies and services with the aim of increasing functionality and capabilities at the access level (and levels below) so that service providers can deploy broadband access and enable triple-play services with layer 2 equipment at very low cost with simple management. We are also concerned on the user and access device perspective, and hence our framework also includes home networking, personal area networks and other access applications in addition to the connectivity of all types of devices such as digital TVs, sensor networks, RFID tags to mention some examples. Having this as a major research framework, we also address additional related goals.

Our major interdisciplinary and architecture goals are:

These objectives are being addressed in a general form to contribute with general mechanisms and architectures. However, we are also very interested in putting this research in a practical context to influence industry trends on access technologies and to contribute in the actual adoption of these technologies in the society. To achieve so, the practical implementations and solutions of our general research are applied in the context of Ethernet and IEEE 802 architecture and technologies principle, recognizing the dominant role that these technologies are having in the entire access space. This dominance is due to the successful trend in reducing the cost of a technology and making it ubiquitous in a very short period of time. These are major leads required to make broadband a universal service and increase the use of information technology to overcome (or at least reduce) the digital divide. In addition, we are interested in tracking the actual increase of penetration and different uses of technologies to have a lead with the needs and design of next generation architectures and technologies.

Our current research activities include: Our research methodology includes simulations for the design and verification as well as hardware validation platforms at different levels (FPGA, test-beds) as needed.

As part of industry collaboration and leadership we have largely contributed in standardization efforts in the past and we are interested in continuing contributing as it seems appropriate.

If you would like to know more about our activities please contact us. We are a growing research group welcoming outstanding and motivated researchers and students at all levels to join us.