Join us!

We are interested in incorporating researchers and students at all levels.

Open Positions at different levels
There are open junior faculty positions and Post-doctoral position opportunities to join the group. We also welcome hosting visiting researchers.

We encourage to contact us if you are interested in joining our group and applying for a competitive human-resources or mobility program call at the regional (ICREA), national (Juan de la Cierva, Ramon y Cajal) or European (Marie Curie) levels. We are open to integrate and host researchers interested in our research areas. Contact us early in advance of your availability so that we can plan and exploit the options.

The technology department is a new department in expansion, and there are teaching opportunities to join the research group too. In this case, knowledge of Catalan and Spanish may be required.

In addition, we welcome applications of outstanding hard-working and motivated student applications at all levels (PhD, Master, and undergraduate projects).

If you think this research motivates you and would like to join, collaborate or visit us please contact us explaining your interests and attaching a resume.

Suggested Student Projects
Check the list of proposed student projects: PFCs for Computer Science students in UPF and MSc Thesis for TICMA master students (or other programs).